GYMNOSAURS (ages 1-2): Creative and exciting class for your child and parent or guardian. Experience the thrill of simple motor movement skills being performed for the first time. With many group activities, this is an ideal situation to work on socialization skills and physical development under the supervision of teachers and parents.


PRE-SCHOOL (ages 3-4): An instructor taught class involving music and other cooperative games and activities in a non-competitive setting. Children will be introduced to basic gymnastic skills while constantly building self-esteem and confidence in a positive and safe learning atmosphere.


LITTLE TUMBLERS (age 5): Designed for the special needs of a 5-year old child, this co-ed class offers the best of the pre-school class and a recreational class. The class is one hour long and the gymnasts are now trying to improve their gymnastic skills while promoting independent work in safe creative ways.


GYM 1 (ages 6 & up): Teachers safely take the gymnasts through the progression of skills to improve and perfect each skill using creative stations and equipment. These classes are non-competitive, yet challenging. It is designed to increase self-esteem through a positive learning atmosphere.


GYM 2 & GYM 4: We designed this class for students who have been involved with gymnastics for some time, have demonstrated proficiency on all apparatus, and would benefit from the challenge of a longer class to work on more difficult skills.


TUMBLERS: A class designed to learn from the basics of tumbling to more advance skills. Gymnasts will learn cartwheels & round offs to back handsprings and layouts.  Groups will be based on ability. A great class for cheerleaders requiring tumbling skills.


Prep Opt & TEAM: This is a year-round program for the serious athlete who wants to compete. We are a USA Gymnastics Club. Students will compete at a level determined by the coaching staff. All students offered a spot on a team would be required to enroll from September-September.