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20-Week Session 3 EASY payments of:
Gymnosaurs $110  ($330 in full)
Pre-school $123  ($371 in full)
Tumblers  $141  ($425 in full)
Gym 1 $141  ($425 in full)
Gym 2 $196  ($588 in full)
Gym 4 $392  ($1176 in full)

Saturday Classes of Gym 1 and Tumblers cost is $320.00 (Three payments of $107.00)

PAYMENT POLICY: Annual Registration Fee: $35/student & $50 /family. Registration fees are non-refundable. The registration fee and 1/3 the class fees are due upon registration & balance (1/3) is due by Oct 1st &Nov 1st.  Monthly payments are due by the 1st week of the month. A $25 late fee will be charged for all late payments. Please understand that you are responsible for the FULL tuition once your child begins classes. REFUND: New students will receive a refund only if we are notified in writing within the first 2 weeks of classes and refunds will be prorated. You will be charged for the first 2 weeks. No refunds will be made for withdrawal from classes. Adjustments MAY be possible in the event of extended illness, injury or relocation of the family.  A doctor’s note is required in the event of illness/injury. All delinquent account will be submitted to a collection agency/small claims court. You are liable for all collection fees. Your child will not be able to participate until a delinquent account is settled. RETURNED CHECKS: You will be charged a $25 bank fee. MAKE-UPS: Students may make up 2 classes per session for absences due to illnesses. Classes must be made up in the session they are missed and make-ups must be scheduled ahead of time. If the gym is closed for more than 4 days due to inclement weather a make-up will be scheduled.

DISCOUNTS: A 2nd child will receive a 15%, 3rd child will receive 30%, and 4th child will receive 50% off the least expensive class.  A 40% discount is applicable towards a 2nd class. The discount will be applied to the least expensive class. There is also a 3% discount for all fees paid in full (discount does not apply to registration fee). Please Note: You are paying for your spot for the full session, NOT for classes you attend.

Schedule is subject to change.

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